Interfolio Faculty Information System

Preferred by hundreds of leading institutions and supported by our widely used Dossier service, the unique 4-module Interfolio Faculty Information System frees up time for faculty, professional staff, and administrative leadership.

With more time to breathe and focus, your university gains a new capacity to serve students, secure funding, and engage with the world.

Modernize Faculty Affairs Processes

Regain thousands of valuable working hours every year for faculty and administrative staff
Protect the integrity, consistency, and security of core academic affairs processes
Get faculty to use the platform with an easy experience tailored to their perspective

Innovating for Academic Affairs

The university’s single greatest asset is its faculty members. As Gartner has noted, without the capacity to effectively manage faculty information and processes, today’s university will be unable to ensure business continuity or to focus on strategic objectives.

Interfolio pays unique attention to all the small actions involved in academic career processes. This scholar-centric approach translates into significant annual time-savings for scholars, professional staff, and academic leaders.

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The Interfolio Faculty Information System

Case Study: Harvard Graduate School of Education

By adopting Interfolio’s Faculty Search and Review, Promotion & Tenure modules, Harvard Graduate School of Education has made its faculty affairs processes faster, easier, and more transparent.

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