A Faculty-First Platform

With four modules that can be used alone or in any combination, and leveraging the widely used Interfolio Dossier for individual academics, the Interfolio Faculty Information System frees up a massive amount of time every year for faculty, professional staff, and administrative leadership.

Interfolio Faculty Search

The most scholar-centric hiring system available, Interfolio Faculty Search covers every detail of the academic recruitment process—from your job board, to confidential letters, to 100% compliance on EEO forms. Empower committees to make the best hires, and present your department, college, or university positively to applicants.

Faculty Search

Review, Promotion and Tenure

Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure

Usable entirely on its own or in conjunction with the Faculty Activity Reporting module, this module enables you to manage academic professional evaluations of all kinds. Facilitate responsible committee review of colleagues in all disciplines and provide a transparent and consistent experience for candidates. Save time, money, and stress for academics and for staff—and level the playing field for academic advancement.

Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting and Data Service

The Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting  (Faculty180) module is distinguished by its eminent usability for scholars and administrators, its attention to all academic fields, and its interconnectivity with other systems.

The unique Interfolio Data Service helps to ensure data quality and coverage in the Faculty Activity Reporting module—giving higher education a new path to accurate and reliable faculty data.

faculty activity reporting

Lifecycle Management

Interfolio Lifecycle Management

Launched in 2019, Interfolio Lifecycle Management gives a bird’s eye view of all faculty, and lets you actively manage their journeys. This module gives you one directory of academic employment information, including faculty appointments, contract terms, workload, and upcoming career milestones. Compare and project faculty professional growth against expected pathways.

“Our engagement with Interfolio will enable us to maintain our competitive edge by attracting and retaining internationally-recognized research and teaching talent.”

Jammu Francisco, Associate Dean, Asian Institute of Management

“Interfolio’s flexibility of its faculty-first products made it a clear and obvious choice… to enhance resources to better support our faculty.”

Alysia K. Loshbaugh, Assistant Provost for Finance and Operations, Office of Academic Affairs and Provost, Tulane University


For Recruitment and Hiring

  • Make recruiting efficient and successful
  • Empower search committees to reach good decisions
  • Turn diversity commitments into reality
  • Demonstrate equity across individuals, departments, disciplines
  • Give applicants positive, clear experiences
  • Report comprehensively on applicant data

For Review, Promotion & Tenure Workflows

  • Make academic evaluations efficient while supporting integrity and correct review process
  • Achieve consistency across the institution with standard workflows, permissions, requirements, and language
  • Give scholars under review a consistent, trustworthy experience
  • Create transparency for academic leadership with a central system of record

For Activity Reporting

  • Regain a massive amount of time every year associated with data management
  • Make participation beneficial for scholars by tying data to growth
  • Maintain a single source of truth for of academic data
  • Consolidate data from many sources into a central hub
  • Make data output easy for CVs, accreditation, and workload
  • Empower scholars to collaborate and network with colleagues

For Appointment and Journey Management

  • Empower academic affairs offices to better support scholars throughout careers
  • Plan for academic personnel milestones
  • Foster fair, equitable patterns of professional growth
  • Increase access to appointment/contract information
  • Translate the faculty handbook into visual, actionable format

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