Faculty Activity Reporting

Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) offers all you’d expect around accreditation, CVs, metadata, and reporting—and empowers scholars to tell their own story.

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Integrate Widely and Flexibly with Academic Data Sources

Integrate citation data and other analytics from bibliographic databases and reference management software. Import employment data from campus ERP systems. Transfer data from other software applications (e.g. course evaluation systems and grant databases). Migrate data from other activity reporting systems.

Make Data Validation and Correction Easy for Scholars

Present scholars with recent data on file about their accomplishments for them to validate throughout the year. Enable attachment of actual work produced, whether it’s journal articles, conference proceedings, videos, or computer science code. Facilitate connection to ORCID or external profile systems.

Assist Scholars in Compiling/Communicating Their Work

Maintain any number of official CV templates to automatically present fielded data in clean, readable formats. Enable scholars to establish visually rich CV formats with colors, fonts, heading/paragraph styles to reflect their discipline and put their best foot forward. Link activity data to your website’s scholar profiles.

Generate Real-Time Reports for Accreditation and More

Move from a world of assembling and reconciling static reports to a world of dynamic, in-browser data filtering. Create custom reports and easily navigate through cells to view the underlying data. Save and share reports with peers inside and outside the institution. Learn more about accreditation and Interfolio here.

“…With Faculty Activity Reporting, faculty at Clark University has gained a tool to effectively showcase their scholarship to the broader community.”

Yuko Aoyama, Associate Provost and Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Clark University

“We felt confident about Interfolio’s roadmap and its sophisticated, robust product and user-friendly interface.”

Beckham Dossett, Associate Professor and Associate Dean, McGovern College of the Arts, University of Houston


Combining an easy interface, flexible integration, event-triggered housekeeping prompts, administrative oversight, and more, Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) provides proven paths to scholar participation and more accurate and complete academic activity data.

Data Hub

Integrate with all major data sources so academic information remains consistent and up to date.

Review, Promotion & Tenure

Connect with Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure to automatically populate review cases with CVs and digital copies of academic work.

Validation Interface

Call academics’ attention only to the data you need from them at designated windows of time.

Reporting Options

Draw upon built-in reports for accreditation by region or discipline, as well as reports for teaching, grants, scholarly contributions, and more.

CV Generation

Let faculty export and auto-format data for CVs, professional reviews, biosketches, funding, and other self-presentation.

Find Colleagues

Empower scholars (and administrators) to search the database by keyword for potential collaborators—or gaps.

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