Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at universities and colleges requires a multi-pronged approach that includes incentivizing faculty activities around DEI. Emory University has discovered how technology makes this easier. 

A top liberal arts and research university in Atlanta, Emory University uses Interfolio’s Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) module to capture and report out faculty DEI activities. Interfolio FAR complements their use of Interfolio’s Faculty Search, Review, Promotion & Tenure, and Lifecycle Management modules for a full lifecycle of visibility into faculty careers. 

The data Emory collects through Interfolio also enables them to continually discover and build upon faculty DEI successes. 

Themes Discussed

  • Flexible Platform Supports Varied Reporting Styles
  • Data and Reporting are the Foundation of Continuous DEI Improvement
  • Integration between Interfolio Modules Helps Elevate DEI Activities

Flexible Platform Supports Varied Reporting Styles

With its diversity of schools and departments, Emory appreciates that Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting provides flexibility in how different units capture DEI activities.

“For example, some units require faculty to write a narrative statement about their DEI activities, others want faculty to check specific checkboxes relating to five DEI goals, and still others rely on Yes/No radio buttons,” explains Bridget Mullaney, the Interfolio Project Lead in Emory University’s Office of the Provost. “The platform’s flexibility allows us to set up these different approaches.”In addition, all units have the option to upload pictures, podcasts, and other social media relating to DEI. 

In addition, all units have the option to upload pictures, podcasts, and other social media relating to DEI. 

Data and Reporting are the Foundation of Continuous DEI Improvement 

By using Interfolio for activity reporting, Emory can evaluate DEI progress across the university and report out attainment of goals to deans and the university’s Chief Diversity Officer. 

“We can see and report what faculty are doing relating to DEI in the Atlanta and Emory communities as well as at the state, national, and international levels,” says Mullaney. 

Emory University also uses Interfolio to achieve community-wide transparency on DEI progress. 

“We can highlight DEI accomplishments, but we also bring challenges to light and face them at a university level,” Mullaney adds. 

“Because these platforms work so well, our team overseeing them is very small: just me and one part-time analyst.”

Bridget Mullaney 
Facet (Interfolio) Project Lead
Office of the Provost
Emory University  

Integration between Interfolio Modules Helps Elevate DEI Activities

“One important way to actualize your university’s commitment to DEI goals is to value and treat DEI activities as important factors during faculty evaluation and tenure review,” Mullaney advises. 

The integration between the FAR and Interfolio’s Review, Promotion & Tenure workflow module allows Emory University to do just that—because faculty’s DEI activities automatically transfer into the workflow for faculty evaluation. 

“Interfolio’s integrated faculty information system signals to faculty that their DEI activities matter,” says Mullaney. 

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