Careers are Complex

Solving the Big Challenges
Around Academic Work

Common Challenges:

Research and Lessons on How to Solve Them


Improving Committee Logistics

Shared governance is invaluable to your institution, yet committees are the source of considerable inefficiency around communication and logistics. What are some common committee pitfalls to avoid?

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Faculty Activity Reporting

Solutions for challenges around faculty activity reporting only work if they benefit faculty in their own careers. Scholars are busy enough actually doing their job without having to constantly re-enter data for the benefit of the administration.

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Managing Confidential Letters and Evaluations

How can letter writers, departments, and career centers handle letters of recommendation in a sustainable, convenient way?

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Faculty Technology Across the Lifecycle

How can you effectively and accurately piece together the full picture of faculty development at your institution, from grad school through full professorship?

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Navigating the Job Market

As a dedicated scholar in a competitive job market, how do you stay on top of a year's worth of applications and tight deadlines?

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Delivering on Diversity

Hiring and retaining a diverse faculty body is a goal at almost every institution, but few can match initiatives with outcomes and compliance. What are some common barriers to delivering on diversity?

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Achieving Equity and Transparency

Equitable hiring and promotion is difficult when decentralization means schools and departments create different standards for review. How can hiring and tenure become more documented and fair?

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Getting Hiring Right

Over a 30-year career, a single faculty member can shape a generation of alumni and the trajectory of an institution's research. How are you supporting the most critical decision on your campus?

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Receiving Faculty Buy-in

In 2014, higher education spent $25b on technology not made for faculty, causing low buy-in and the all-too-common "software fatigue." How much does a good user experience really matter?

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