Showing Research Impact

Impact assessment is a major focus of modern funding bodies, higher education institutions, and research centers. 

But the total impact of funded research activity takes many different forms—not just publications and inventions. And data validated by the researcher is the key.

Gathering Accurate, Complete Data

When collecting and maintaining data about the details of funding awards, research conducted, and the outputs of that research, it is a mistake to rely on secondhand data that has not been validated by the researchers involved. 

While funders and universities rightly wish to import data from outside sources, they struggle to ensure it is accurate and complete.
Accurate Data

Impact Beyond Publications

Impact Beyond Publications

Using publication data for the purpose of understanding impact certainly plays a key role, but it tells only part of the story. 

Funded research leads to many outcomes beyond academic publications—including policy changes, medicines, new methods, creative productions, commercial and nonprofit “spin-outs,” and others.

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