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Interfolio, a higher education software company, creates higher education management software for faculty, administrators, and committees. Its academic software solves challenges around faculty hiring, review, promotion, tenure, and activity reporting. Unlike competing higher education management software, in which technology is pushed from the top of the institution down to faculty, Interfolio puts faculty first—meaning, it privileges the experience of faculty, helping to make faculty work more effective and strategic. We believe that when faculty receive useful higher education software that makes their work easier, the entire institution benefits. Interfolio’s higher education management software for recruiting makes faculty hiring more efficient and collaborative, and provides numerous tools to assist diversity initiatives. A module for faculty review, promotion, and tenure helps committees and administrators achieve transparency and equity in academic review, streamlining arduous administrative tasks along the way. A faculty activity reporting module provides a layer of data and analytics for assistance in institutional accreditation and reporting. Faculty data inputs are maintained in a central hub that can be harnessed for useful exports, such as CVs, Biosketches, and bespoke accreditation and other institutional reports. Underlying all the modules is a private, portable dossier system where faculty collect and curate their academic work, data, and documents. All modules work in tandem to link faculty decisions, data, and governance on a single platform that benefits all institutional users. All of our higher education software is developed through careful research and collaboration with scholars and higher education administrators. We actively solicit feedback from all of our clients across cohorts—public and private universities, liberal arts institutions, medical schools, and more—in order to meet the complex and varied business needs of the entire landscape of higher education. In the world of higher education management software, Interfolio is the premiere provider of products and services for faculty, committees, and administrators in higher education.