An icon representing the Interfolio Lifecycle Management process

Lifecycle Management

An icon representing the Interfolio Lifecycle Management process

Interfolio Lifecycle Management fosters transparency about academic appointments and advancement across your institution, throughout every scholar’s career.

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Give Academic Appointment and Employment Info A Home

Interfolio Lifecycle Management provides provosts, deans, academic affairs, and other higher education leadership a dedicated, central database to look up the institution’s academic employees, including their title, rank, formal appointment(s), status, workload and key dates during their time at the institution.

Academic Appointment and Employment

Honor Academic Employment Commitments and Agreements

Honor Academic Employment Commitments and Agreements

Keep track of the specific employment commitments your institution has made to each member of the faculty, regardless of full-time/part-time status—including workload allocation, spousal hires, sabbatical discussions, and similar, hard-to-track-down information.

Make Academic Employment Models Visual and Interactive

Visualize the professional journey and timeline expected for each type of academic employee, in each discipline or administrative unit. View paths for multiple appointments side by side. Consult any individual scholar’s current profile to understand how their expected growth pathway may vary from the standard progression.

Employment Models

Professional milestones

Anticipate and Plan for Upcoming Professional Milestones

Forecast and proactively manage academic personnel milestones, including appointment, annual review, tenure, promotion, sabbatical or travel leave, and more. Be prepared for financial and other resourcing implications of faculty availability.

“We strive to support our scholars in every facet of their professional journeys, and Lifecycle Management stands ready to provide a systematic architecture to help us do exactly that.”

Alyssa Kupka, Chief of Staff/Senior Associate Vice President, DePaul University

“The value of Interfolio Lifecycle Management is in its ability to help us track our faculty on different contracts and different review cycles easily and efficiently.”

Aneesa Anne McDonald, Faculty Affairs Specialist, University of Wyoming


Launched in fall 2019, Interfolio Lifecycle Management intentionally bridges a widely reported knowledge gap around academic affairs. It serves at once as an organizational tool for leadership offices, and as an observation deck for Interfolio activity across your institution. 


Complete and accurate roster of full-time and part-time academics, sortable by key fields such as unit, rank, and upcoming event type.


Aggregate counts of all completed, current, and upcoming academic review processes.


Individual view of each academic in the faculty, showing all appointments, contract details, and past/future reviews.


Intentional fields for workload allocation, qualifications, salary range per rank, and other policies buried in faculty handbooks.


Visual representation of all events involved in each scholar’s lifecycle—tracking standard models against individual realities.


Engine to generate and record email correspondence with faculty members about professional advancement.

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