Mapping Scholar Careers

At many academic institutions today, faculty affairs and provost offices struggle to plan effectively for (and meaningfully support) the career journeys of academics. 

Without a usable and dedicated resource for scholar careers, academic leaders face misallocation of resources, legal risk, and inhibited ability to foster growth.

Academic Roster and Employment Commitments

Who are our faculty members? What employment agreements are in place for them? Do we have a record of what we said when they were hired? 

Many academic affairs and provost offices keep this information in spreadsheets on local machines—or at best, in a desktop database ill-suited to academic profiles and appointments.
employee commitments

professional advancement

Journey Visualization and Exceptions for Individuals

Where do you look to understand the timeline of professional advancement for any individual academic? And how can you compare each individual’s actual timeline to the expected progression for their position?

Many schools lack any effective way to view and anticipate scholar advancement—with substantial cost and resource implications.

Actively Managing Scholar Professional Milestones

Even if you have the information available, often faculty affairs and provost offices still have a highly manual process around initiating various academic reviews at the right time (for one scholar or a cohort), and tracking them throughout the process.

scholar professional milestones

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