Getting Hiring Right

Hiring and tenure make a lasting impact.​

Who you hire and promote is crucial to get right. Why? Because faculty define the campus. They drive the academic prestige of your institution with their research contributions. They shape a generation of alumni through teaching. And they create the intellectual community on campus.

Supporting Your Greatest Investment

A single faculty hire also constitutes a major financial investment. Over a 30-year career, a tenure-line faculty member can cost about $3 million (including benefits, retirement, and other resources). This very worthwhile investment is likely funded by student tuition, federal and state resources, grants, and donations.

And yet, institutions provide few tools for existing or prospective faculty. In a survey of job applicants in 2016, over 75% reported that the excessive difficulty of the application process actually deterred them from applying to positions or programs they otherwise would have pursued.

With such a valuable investment at stake, what technology has your institution provided to make sure you stay competitive in hiring and promoting faculty?

Super-charge Recruitment and Promotion

Interfolio assists hiring and tenure with tools that:

  • Organize, sort, and label long lists of job candidates to make sure you’re not letting information overload get in the way of seeing all applicants.
  • Provide a professional, clear experience to all job applicants and promotion candidates
  • Mirror and support every nuance of the tenure process, from packet compilation to external evaluations.
  • Support diversity initiatives with simple, compliant tools for collecting and analyzing EEO data against major faculty milestones, like hiring and tenure.

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