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Navigating the Job Market

Take charge of your academic career.

Based on our 2016 survey of several thousand academic applicants, nearly 40% of scholars seeking competitive opportunities have to carve out 5-10 hours per week just to complete applications while they’re on the job market. Some folks spend even more time than that.

So as a strong academic candidate, what can you do to make the process a bit easier on yourself? 

Organize the chaos (including confidential letters)

Interfolio’s Dossier is a free online service for academics that serves as a lifetime organizational and preparation platform for academics. It lets you request and receive confidential letters, store digital versions of your own academic materials, organize your materials into collections for different purposes (whether for jobs, mentoring, or biosketches), and apply for free to positions hosted through Interfolio.

We know that coordinating the request and receipt of confidential letters from busy mentors can be time consuming and stressful. Dossier solves this dilemma for hundreds of thousands of scholars a year by letting applicants control the request and storage of letters, while preserving their confidentiality.

Apply on time and in the right format

Interfolio’s Dossier Deliver is a premium annual subscription service that enables you to deliver the materials stored in your Dossier—including confidential letters of recommendation—complete and on time, no matter where you happen to be at the moment, or what format the application requires.

By using Dossier Deliver to send out your stored letters—for which Interfolio maintains confidentiality—you are providing busy recommendation letter writers a space to submit a letter for you without delaying the delivery of your application.

It’s not easy out there, but we can help.

Sending in your applications is only half the battle. Missing or corrupted files, errors in the email address, out-of-date information on the department page, and plain-old mistakes can keep you from successfully submitting. And your life is busy enough without struggling to get a certain person on the phone on your lunch break.

Interfolio’s Scholar Services team is available by phone or email (or social media) Monday through Friday to straighten out logistical and technical questions, so you can get the chance you’ve worked so hard for.

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