Achieving Equity and Transparency

Maintain fair, consistent standards for hiring and tenure.

Many institutions find themselves unequipped to promote equitable hiring and promotion practices because they lack transparency and standardization around committee work on campus. Often, decentralization means that it’s hard to even observe what various departments are doing—preventing institutions from taking action to ensure fair academic decisions.

So how can institutions make hiring and promotion more equitable and fair?

Familiar Questions about Equity

We’ve found that campus partners have similar questions when it comes to equity blindspots at their institutions. For instance:

  • Are all hiring and tenure candidates given equal consideration at your institution?
  • Are all committee members contributing equally to academic decision making?
  • Are standard criteria being set to assure fairness in every search and promotion deliberation?
  • Are job posts being written to different standards in different departments?

Standardize Campus, Customize Departments

Interfolio provides institutions with the ability to create standards across campus, but without sacrificing customization down to the departmental level when needed.

Interfolio allows institutions to:

  • Standardize job posting language and keep track of when and how jobs get posted
  • Create standard criteria for committee collaboration
  • Document and log how long each stage of deliberation takes for a hiring or promotion candidate

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