Managing Activity Data

A well-known challenge in higher education technology is collecting, accessing, presenting, and analyzing data about the professional activities of scholars. 

The ideal system must elegantly manage and showcase accurate data about teaching, research and creative productions, grants, committee work, mentorship, and everything else academics do.

Engaging Scholars for Accurate Data

Top faculty activity reporting solutions recognize that academics are busy enough actually doing their job without having to constantly re-enter it for the benefit of the administration.

What would institutions of higher education need in order to freely, accurately study faculty activity at any time of year? What faculty activity reporting solutions exist to help?

accurate data

existing data

Drawing Upon Existing Data

We know, and you likely know, that a substantial portion of faculty activity data is already collected and stored in a wide variety of sources. 

Ideally, modern colleges and universities wouldn’t have to ask scholars (or other staff) to enter any data that could be imported from elsewhere. 

What historically has presented a massive challenge is achieving that connection and presenting each scholar with their data for easy validation.

Showcasing Activity Data

Once gathered, data of faculty activities can easily be featured on your institution’s website with Interfolio Faculty Web Profiles. Share faculty research, courses, and connections in robust profiles that demonstrate broad impact.

usability for administration

Usability for Administration

Streamlining data collection in faculty activity reporting at many schools typically involves sending staff on a mission around the institution to ask different offices for disparate information. It takes up staff time, and the distance of leadership from the source of the data itself limits how helpful the exercise actually is. Centralize and digitize this information to save time and enable robust reporting to give you access to essential insights.

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