Delivering on Diversity

Without tools to track diversity efforts, change is hard.

We know that creating a diverse faculty environment is essential in higher education, especially when trying to support a diverse student body.

It’s almost certain that diversity is already a priority on your campus, but how are you tying initiatives to outcomes?

Reaching Your Diversity Goal

Research on the academy shows that biased evaluations of women and people of color contribute to their underrepresentation among faculty, but organizational changes have the power to reduce bias in the hiring process.

The inclusion of EEO forms and data in every Interfolio Faculty Search applicant file helps institutions establish consistent practices to examine data on appointments and promotion by race, gender, and ethnicity.

Compliance, Consistency, and Customization

Collecting EEO information is a critical first step for ensuring diversity in your hiring process. But with paper or postcard-based collection methods, most institutions struggle with even this.

Interfolio provides tools that contribute to tangible success on diversity initiatives, including:

  • Compliant, high-response EEO forms collected digitally with each application.
  • Customizable, secure reports that show whether an applicant pool is diverse.
  • Reports to connect EEO data to every stage of the application process and ensure your candidate pool remains diverse.

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