Delivering on Diversity

We know that creating an inclusive and diverse faculty environment is essential in higher education, especially when trying to support a diverse student body.

How are you tying initiatives to outcomes and reducing the role of bias in academic personnel decisions?

Reaching Your Diversity Goals

Research on the academy shows that biased evaluations of women and people of color contribute to their underrepresentation among faculty. 

Much of the historic obstruction to institutional diversity initiatives can be reduced by making structural, systematic shifts that reduce bias in hiring and professional reviews.
diversity goals


Compliance, Consistency, and Customization

To reduce bias in hiring and professional reviews, academic institutions must:

  • Gather EEO data from 100% of academic job applicants 
  • Empower institutional diversity offices to know aggregate pool data before a hire is made
  • Direct committee reviews toward candidates’ relevant qualifications
  • Approve job advertisement language and know which avenues are working

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