Interfolio Faculty Information System - White Paper

“Faculty can be directly linked to almost every strategic academic and business process at a college or university.”

How can colleges and universities best equip their faculty to carry out the academic mission?

This free white paper from Interfolio outlines the context, pressures, and vision giving rise to the Interfolio Faculty Information System—the first comprehensive online platform dedicated to faculty engagement across the full span of academic careers.

Why build for faculty first?

Despite sitting at the intersection of every major financial, academic, compliance, and governance system on campus, faculty have historically been left behind in the surge of new technologies that higher education have embraced in recent years—such as student information systems, learning management systems, research information management systems, faculty activity reporting systems, and others.

Yet clearly, the work that faculty do—encompassing the known pillars of teaching, research, and service, as well as academic activities that fall in between those categories—occupies a central place in the mission of every academic institution.

You’ll learn about:
  • What colleges and universities stand to gain by supporting and studying faculty work with a modern, well-fitting system (and what they stand to lose by lagging on this front)
  • The six specific elements of higher education faculty information around which the Faculty Information System’s technical capabilities are organized
  • How the Faculty Information System fits in alongside other known systems in the university technology ecosystem
Download the free white paper: