We are pleased to announce that Faculty Information Systems were included as one of the “Top 10 Strategic Technologies Impacting Higher Education in 2020” in a recently released Gartner research report.

Interfolio continues to see strong adoption rates and near-universal renewal among institutions using its unique Faculty Information System, which provides holistic, scholar-first capabilities to support the full academic lifecycle. Gartner’s research points to the Faculty Information System as a strategic technology investment for institutions, noting that “institutions that lack the ability to accurately and quickly leverage faculty information run the risk of falling behind competitors that can use this information to obtain greater research funding and heightened reputation, among other things.”

As higher education faces additional pressure and faculty embrace a shifting role, institutions are looking for solutions built specifically to address and streamline the complex challenges facing the faculty workforce. Higher education leaders need to articulate the collective impact and expertise of faculty to students, funders, communities, and other stakeholders.

FISs identified as a Top 10 Strategic Technology 

Gartner’s research points to Faculty Information Systems as a strategic technology investment for institutions, noting that

“institutions with robust FIS functionality will also gain insights to drive efficiencies and effectiveness by optimizing this valuable HR and key capability in the higher education business model.”

Coupled with the strong market growth we’ve seen, we believe Gartner’s research provides powerful validation of Faculty Information Systems and the strategic capabilities that FISs provide to help institutions support faculty and foster greater trust, transparency, and collaboration.

The research from Gartner found that “in many ways, FISs represent a new category of system, especially when considered as a collection of different tools and modules. They represent a growing need and interest in tracking all aspects of faculty data. These systems will enable the institution to maintain a single source of truth for faculty members on their credentials, careers, teaching, research and support aspects of faculty personnel administration.” 

Faculty drive every aspect of Institutional strategy and success from tuition and funded research revenues, associated costs, student success, governance, equity, reputation and rank; Interfolio’s FIS makes visible the contributions of faculty to enable institutional success while creating significant efficiencies.

Looking ahead 

For more than two decades, Interfolio has developed groundbreaking technology to support faculty at every phase of their academic careers. More than 700,000 scholars worldwide use Interfolio’s Dossier to track and manage academic materials. Over 100,000 researchers have found jobs, and 80,000 have completed a review or gained a promotion using Interfolio in the last 20 years.

In the coming year, Interfolio will continue to focus on greater interoperability between the Faculty Information System and its newest product, Lifecycle Management, which allows for strategic management of faculty appointments. The company will also launch new reporting and analytics capabilities to unlock modern insights into faculty data contained in the Faculty Information System and demonstrate the impact of faculty and institutions.

Gartner, “Top 10 Strategic Technologies Impacting Higher Education in 2020,” March 2020

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