Interfolio's Faculty Information System

A single platform for faculty work, data, and decisions.

Support for the Full Faculty Lifecycle

A thoughtful solution for the full scope of faculty research, advancement, and service, Interfolio offers institutions a single source of validated information about faculty activity—and a single experience for faculty members when performing career-related work.

The Interfolio Faculty Information System

Interfolio provides a full suite of faculty-focused technology to support every stage in the faculty lifecycle, from hiring through tenure.

  • Interfolio Faculty Search: Run complex, efficient academic searches in a shared governance context; provide incoming faculty candidates a professional introduction to the institution and committees a secure, organized digital space for review.
  • Interfolio Faculty180: Collect validated faculty activity data sets for accreditation and compliance reporting; see the full picture of faculty contributions at your institution.
  • Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure: Accommodate nuanced, complex workflows around faculty appointment, review, and tenure; continue to provide faculty a user-friendly, clear, secure space to submit the body of their work for the most sensitive and important decisions of their career.
  • Dossier Institution: Provide faculty at your institution a lifelong, private, and professional online space to collect, curate, and submit academic materials—including those for review, promotion, and tenure at your institution.

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