The right platform for faculty affairs decisions can re-energize your faculty and staff and maximize the impact of their work.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) has seen this firsthand. After adopting Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure in 2014 and Interfolio Faculty Search in 2019, both administrators and faculty are very happy with the modules’ many advantages. In particular, these purpose-built tools have made recruitment and evaluation processes easier while also enabling HGSE to more effectively pursue increasing faculty diversity.

Themes Discussed

  • User-Friendly Systems Are a Hit with Faculty
  • Faculty Hiring is Easier with Purpose-Built Tools
  • Reporting Tools Power Pursuit of Faculty Diversity Goals

User-Friendly Systems Are a Hit with Faculty

Serving on hiring and review committees is a vital component of your faculty members’ role — but shouldn’t waste their time. That’s why HGSE administrators and faculty appreciate how Interfolio makes faculty affairs processes faster, easier, and more transparent.

“Having been in all these other systems for over 10 years, Interfolio systems are the easiest and the most user-friendly and have the fewest faculty complaints,” says Dr. Jessica Pesce, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, HGSE.

HGSE faculty especially like that they can review digital tenure packets from anywhere online, download if needed, and see their committee tasks easily.

Faculty Hiring is Easier with Purpose-Built Tools

HGSE administrators and faculty especially like Interfolio’s thoughtful platform design choices.

“What I really like and what our faculty appreciate is that it’s fewer clicks to post an opening in Faculty Search than with other faculty recruiting software tools,” explains Dr. Pesce. “In addition, there are fewer clicks required to download an application or review packet, and we can review it in the reader view, where we can annotate the file, adding little notes and even providing a star rating for the applicant. These tools make collaboration easier.”

“When we adopted Interfolio Faculty Search, because we already had RPT, we didn’t need to do any additional work. It was as easy as possible.”

Jessica Pesce, PhD
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Reporting Tools Power Pursuit of Faculty Diversity Goals

HGSE administrators are also using Interfolio Faculty Search and Review, Promotion & Tenure to track their progress in increasing faculty diversity.

“We do a lot of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) data reporting. And other systems I’ve been in weren’t quite as good at reporting as Interfolio is,” says Dr. Pesce. “Interfolio’s reports help me track the demographics, the overall makeup of an applicant pool. As a result, we can make sure we’re on track in our goals of attracting diverse applicants.”

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