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Applicant Experience

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Committee Experience

One-stop Dossier

Manage your dossier and letters of recommendation. Deliver materials for job applications, fellowship competitions, or tenure reviews.

Organize Documents

Post job opportunities online. Offer P&T candidates clear instructions on packet materials. Gather and view all materials in a single, secure location.

Apply Everywhere

Submit materials by email, web application, or paper. Our support team makes sure your applications get where they need to go.

Simplify Review

Evaluate P&T and job candidates as you review their materials. Track the stats of applicants. Discuss candidates with committee members—all in one place.

Write Letters

Safe, secure, and always confidential. Submit letters of recommendation for your advisees and colleagues free of charge.

Super-charge Reporting

Improve diversity with built-in EEO report options. Create custom forms to gather additional information from candidates.