Use Dossier to request and store your letters of recommendation, or upgrade directly to Dossier Deliver to send them.

Why use Dossier Deliver?

  • We have more than 65,000 users that are using Dossier or have used Dossier in the past two years to gather their materials and confidential letters of recommendation for a health profession.
  • We partner with the most common medical schools and associations such as AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS and TMDSAS to make letter management easier for you.
  • Letters remain confidential, but you control where they go and when they get there.
  • Letter writers only have to submit your letter of recommendation once to Interfolio, and we’ll help get them sent to all of the schools you are applying to.
  • You can create a free Dossier account to request and store your letters and then upgrade to Dossier Deliver for $59.99 when it’s time to send them

Automatic Quality Checks

Once you upgrade to Dossier Deliver, Interfolio team members perform a thorough quality control check before your letters are sent—including aspects like:

  • Checking for an acceptable signature and official letterhead—so that you don’t risk the letter getting rejected by the schools where you’re applying.
  • Making sure the file uploaded is in fact a letter
  • Making sure the letter bears both your name and the letter writer’s name and that both are spelled correctly
  • Making sure the letter is legible

“It was easy to send my resume and letters of rec for my internship using Dossier.”

Merrick, Pre-med Student

“My friends recommended I use Interfolio’s Dossier to collect and send my letters of rec for med school. So far, so good!”

Brandon, Pre-med Student

Where does Interfolio deliver letters in 2024?

Please note this is not a definitive list of services Interfolio does and does not support.  These are simply the services Interfolio is currently aware of. If the service you use is not listed here, you may want to first check to see if they will accept a 3rd Party Dossier Service submission of materials.

  • *AMCAS

* An asterisk denotes an application that is searchable through your Interfolio account’s Deliveries page