Registration, which is free, is now open. Please click on the “register” button above to sign up. Current and future Interfolio partners are invited to join us.

This year, the Interfolio Summit will be a virtual event, with many opportunities for engagement with peers and Interfolio staff.

The Interfolio Virtual Summit 2021 is free to attend. Current and prospective Interfolio partners and clients are encouraged to attend.

The Interfolio Virtual Summit will occur Thursday, July 15 and Friday, July 16, 2021.

We are eager to announce the full slate of sessions and anticipate this will be late spring 2021.

Thanks so much for your interest! The submission period for this year’s Summit has ended. However, we’d love to hear your ideas and invite you to write to to start the conversation.

You can delete any materials stored in your Dossier that you’ve never sent anywhere. You cannot delete anything that you have included in an application or delivery—but you can move any document (whether previously sent or not) into your archive. Archiving a document removes it from your view, so that it doesn’t clutter up your account when you’re assembling new deliveries.

To submit a letter to TMDSAS, upload directly to TMDSAS, Interfolio or regular mail.

Letters may be submitted electronically through the AACOMAS application or directly to the schools using alternative services indicated by each school in the college information section of this book. Alternative services may include, but are not limited to: Interfolio, VirtualEvals and U.S. mail

To disable your Interfolio account, you will need to email from the primary email address that is listed. Interfolio Scholar Services will reply to your email to confirm when disabled.