Interfolio Brand Assets

We’ve assembled these materials for our client partners, media cohorts, and other collaborators to access and reference the Interfolio brand. If you have questions or need additional collateral, please contact

About Interfolio

Empowering scholars worldwide, Interfolio from Elsevier is an education technology company trusted by more than 500 colleges and universities across 20 countries since 1999. With innovative products designed to support major milestones in the faculty lifecycle, Interfolio’s technology enables academic leaders to effectively advance institutions and their academic staff.


Primary Logo
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Primary Logo (White)
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Primary Logo (Black & White)
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Dossier Logo 
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Usage Guidelines

Preferred Visual Context

The ideal visual context for the logo is on a bright white background.

Protection Area

To ensure visual harmony and optimal legibility, the logotype has an obligatory protection area that surrounds it.

Half the height of the mark is the measure used to define the area surrounding the logotype.

Minimum Size

To guarantee visual recognition, the logotype should never be used below 1 inch in width in print, 50pixels on a main screen and 20px on a screen footer. Below this size, the legibility and print quality of the text cannot be insured.

Acceptable Visual Context

The primary logo is the full color logo.

While not ideal, some design situations require alternate versions of the logo, including a full-color reverse version and one color logos.

A one color logo is only acceptable when media reproduction is limited. In these cases, the logo may be reversed to white on a brand color or image. A black logo is allowed when media reproduction is black only.

If you are using the logo against a dark background (i.e. dark navy or black) or image, use the full color reverse logo. This is preferred over the one color logos above.


A special protection area surrounding the logotype was designed for cobranding and sponsoring support where the Interfolio logotype appears next to other brands.

This area consists of half the mark size—added to the standard protection area.

Any exceptions to this protection area will be determined by the marketing team.

Forbidden Usage

The logotype reproductions must follow the guidelines. No modifications are acceptable.

  • Do not alter, change the case of or replace the font of the logotype
  • Do not alter or replace the color of the “i” mark (circle or typography) or type.
  • Do not alter or replace the symbol design or position.
  • Do not use the full color logo on any blue background unless dark navy. Use the white knocked-out version only. If using the full color logo on a color or photo background, there must be appropriate contrast between the mark and background.

Color Palette

The primary palette for the website echoes the primary color palette with the addition of coral and lighter gray, which are used frequently throughout the site.

  • Primary Blue: #4193C2
  • Navy: #052B43
  • Orange: #FF6C00
  • Light Blue: #C3E6FF
  • Light Orange: #FFF0E3
  • Black: #0f0f0f

Contact Information

Please direct questions, comments, and suggestions to