Improving Committee Logistics

How can you support rigorous academic decisions and save time, effort, and money on committee work—for faculty and staff on campus?

Shared governance is invaluable because it’s how important decisions are made in higher education. Unfortunately for shared governance, it relies on committees, which are often riddled with burdensome logistics.

Common Pitfalls of Committee Service

A recent study found that faculty spend about 30% of their time on emails and meetings. 

Another source found that the time burden of service obligations have been linked to a failure to meet research expectations, especially from an overburdened associate professor population.

And a 2014 study found that this increased service load is linked with lower job satisfaction and lower overall satisfaction with the department and institution.
committee service


Organized, Efficient Collaboration

Our campus partners report that committee work has historically been a significant logistical and time burden for faculty.

Interfolio helps the faculty, staff, and administrators who work on shared governance processes manage time-consuming logistics. With Interfolio, stakeholders can: 

  • Conduct reviews anytime and anywhere with digital tools for reading and annotation.
  • Organize, sort, and save lists of applicants to streamline your search.
  • Bring the entire workflow—including communication, confidential external evaluations, and voting—into one central platform.

Ready for your Faculty Information System?

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