Bates College became an Interfolio client partner in 2013. They currently use Interfolio Faculty Search. Rather than curtail the complexities of faculty hiring by trying to manage it through the same applicant tracking system that they use for staff, Bates College went the other direction: they transitioned all hiring at the college, faculty and non-faculty, into Interfolio.

Partnering with Interfolio has:

  • Empowered multiple Bates committee members to review the same applications digitally at once
  • Provided a “neutral” buffer between the logistics of application and the hiring committee’s consideration
  • Enabled Bates to distribute internal knowledge about recruitment away from a single high-responsibility individual

Case Study: Bates College

Bates College started using Interfolio Faculty Search to help bring consistency and ease-of-use to faculty recruiting on their small, liberal arts campus, as well as to boost neutrality in the committee search process.

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