Boston College

Boston College became an Interfolio client partner in 2014. They currently use Interfolio Faculty Search, Review, Promotion & Tenure, and Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180). One of the earliest adopters of Interfolio’s Faculty Search platform, Boston College now uses theInterfolio faculty technology suite to support faculty recruitment, career development, formal review, and faculty activity reporting. In addition to leveraging almost 100% compliance on EEO responses among faculty job applicants, the college also uses Interfolio to standardize hiring practices across academic units by ensuring that open positions get proper approval and are written in a professional format.

Webinar: Best Practices in Faculty Hiring

At Boston College, faculty committees have a central, easy-to-use online platform built expressly for the academic decision process. In fact, over the past four years, leaders at Boston College have helped to shape Interfolio with their comments and suggestions.

Case Study: Boston College

Boston College celebrates the flexibility of the cloud, allowing all parties to complete every stage of the hiring process—and collaborate in real time—from anywhere with an Internet connection. They’ve also expanded to adopt Review, Promotion & Tenure to alleviate the schlepping of files and Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) to lighten their admin loads.

Press Release

Leading private research university Boston College has chosen to expand its partnership with Interfolio, pioneer in faculty-first higher education technology, by adding the Review, Promotion & Tenure faculty review platform to its existing contracts for the company’s recruitment and reporting offerings.

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