Unsupported Destinations for Online Applications

Check below to see if the opportunity you want to apply for can be processed by Interfolio. If the opportunity is listed, we cannot process your request. Please note, a Dossier Deliver account is required to send a confidential letter upload.

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If Interfolio cannot process your request

Interfolio can deliver approximately 85% of requested confidential documents to numerous third-party application systems. We are unable to deliver approximately 15% confidential letters, however, due to unique requirements within the applications that prevent us from completing a request.

Although each online application is different, non-supported applications typically ask for this kind of personal information:

  • Please rank this candidate’s past performance.
  • Please rank this candidate’s future potential.
  • Do you highly recommend, recommend or not recommend this candidate?
  • Please tell us how you know the candidate.

We keep an updated record of applications with these requirements, to help you plan accordingly. In most cases, you will need to ask your reference writers to interface directly with these applications to fulfill the request. If you have specific questions about using Interfolio, please reach out to our support team at help@interfolio.com or (877) 997-8807, 9am–6pm EST M–F.