Illuminating Faculty Impact: New Insights for Academic Leaders and Institutions

Interfolio joined forces with Hanover Research to discover how faculty are feeling about a variety of topics affecting higher education today. With responses from more than 400 faculty across the country, the findings offer valuable insights for academic leaders when it comes to faculty satisfaction, sentiment, and engagement. 

Available now in our exclusive white paper, this new research highlights how current challenges in higher education are affecting faculty. Our results uncover a range of sentiments about faculty’s experiences in their current roles, from job satisfaction and work-life balance to career advancement and appreciation.  

So, what are faculty saying?

  • 83% wish they had more time for things important to them
  • 67% say their workload increased in the past year
  • 50% find it difficult to balance their service, teaching, and research responsibilities
  • 32% believe their service efforts are undervalued

Faculty engagement is key to institutional success. If you’re an academic leader hoping to better support your faculty members in 2024 and beyond, you’ll want to take a look at this new research from Interfolio and Hanover. Download your copy of the white paper today!