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Implementation Overview – Activity Reporting

Implementation Overview
Activity Reporting

Deliverables / Milestones

Plan Inform/Configure Train Deploy
Detailed Project Plan Configuration Complete Introduction to Scholar Services team and Client Community Faculty180 Implementation Review
Database Created Validation/Testing Ready for Data Intake

Key Stakeholders

Plan Inform/Configure Train Deploy
Implementation Project Team:

  • Project Manager
  • Software Admin
  • Data Manager (IT)
  • Executive Sponsor / Steering Committee
  • Faculty Advisors / Subject Matter Experts
Implementation Project Team Implementation Project Team Implementation Project Team
Institutional Users Institutional Users

Client Requirements / Documents

Plan Inform/Configure Train Deploy
Review Welcome Packet Configure:

  • Base Data Sets
  • Sections & Fields
  • Vitaw Templates
  • Initiated Input Form
  • Users & Rights
Review Training Materials Initiate Faculty Input Cycle
Establish Implementation Project Team Campus Communication & Training Plan Participate in institutional training
Interfolio University Courses
Complete SSO Setup (optional)
Discuss Faculty 180 Base Data


Plan Inform/Configure Train Deploy
Kick-Off Meeting Core Team Workshop 1: Faculty Experience Faculty Input Training Go Live! Celebrate Implementation!
Define Key Objectives Core Team Workshop 2: Basic Setup Support Account Administrator Training
Technical Checkpont Core Team Workshop 3: Profile Form Configuration Faculty Input Training
Core Team Workshop 4: Activity Input Form Configuration Evaluation Training
Core Team Workshop 5: Vitae Template
Core Team Workshop 6: Initiated Input
Core Team Workshop 7: Users & Unit Administrative Rights
Core Team Workshop 8: Reports
Core Team Workshop 9: Sustainable Data Management & Governance

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