White paper

Diversity in the Global Academy: Review, Promotion and Tenure

Best Practices to Achieve an Inclusive and Diverse Faculty

This paper draws upon contemporary research—and interviews with current academic affairs leaders—to lay out a series of concrete steps that global universities are taking to end unequal patterns of academic advancement.

The paper takes us beyond the oft-cited “pipeline problem” of recruitment—and offers practical choices you can make to create a more equitable workplace for all academics at your institution.

You’ll learn about:

  • What forms of institutional engagement you can offer the academy around inclusion and diversity
  • How academic workload expectations and tenure/promotion requirements are being re-evaluated from a lens of under-representation
  • What influence data and technology are having on academy diversity at global universities

Only by intentionally addressing both structural and cultural factors can universities reverse the long-entrenched underrepresentation among the professoriate. Download the paper!

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