White paper

The Faculty Information System: Higher Education’s Next Imperative

Today more than ever, higher education faces the task of demonstrating its value.

How can academic leaders and institutions respond to these pressures, while driving academic engagement and saving administrative time?

Now working with over 500 partners, Interfolio provides global higher education with today’s definitive Faculty Information System (FIS): the first comprehensive online platform dedicated to faculty engagement across the full span of academic careers.

Gartner recently highlighted Faculty Information Systems as one of the top ten strategic technologies impacting higher education in 2020, stating that “in many ways, FISs represent a new category of system, especially when considered as a collection of different tools and modules. They represent a growing need and interest in tracking all aspects of faculty data. These systems will enable the institution to maintain a single source of truth for faculty members on their credentials, careers, teaching, research and support aspects of faculty personnel administration.”

This recently-updated free white paper provides an overview of the current higher education landscape and the context, pressures, and vision of the Interfolio Faculty Information System.

Read the white paper to find out:

  • What universities stand to gain by supporting and studying academic work with a modern, well-fitting system (and what they stand to lose by lagging on this front);
  • The six specific elements of higher education academic information around which the Faculty Information System’s technical capabilities are organized;
  • The vision for impact tracking within the Faculty Information System;
  • How the Faculty Information System makes the best possible use of existing data and how it fits in alongside other known systems in the academic data ecosystem.”

Download this free white paper: