Interfolio - Conference - AIR Forum 2018

May 29-June 2, 2018 / Orlando, FL

Session: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Data Migration—a Case Study with ECU

In 2016, East Carolina University sought a user-friendly, innovative system for faculty activity reporting to replace their current technology. Although their requirements were straightforward—integration with institutional data and external bibliographic sources, flexible reporting functions, and faculty networking capabilities— the challenges of implementation demanded an organized, institutional-wide effort as well a strategic transition plan with their new partner, Interfolio. This presentation focuses on the good (capabilities gained from Interfolio’s robust, faculty-focused reporting platform), the bad (the pain of migrating legacy data), and the ugly (unexpected complications) of data integration so that other IR leaders can plan when implementing similar systems on their campus.


  • Joseph Thomas, East Carolina University
  • Ying Zhou, East Carolina University
  • Andrew Rosen, Interfolio
  • Melba Fey, Interfolio

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Interfolio offers a holistic faculty information system to support the full lifecycle of faculty work, from hiring to annual review, committee work, research, activity reporting and more—all of which provide rich data useful to internal and external stakeholders.  

With well over 200 client institutions throughout higher education, Interfolio leads the market in innovative development of technology designed specifically to benefit both institutions and their faculty.

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