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Scripps Research launches partnership with Faculty Information System Interfolio to support faculty and administration

LA JOLLA, CALIF. — February 25, 2021 — Scripps Research, recognized by Nature as the top nonprofit scientific institute in the United States, today announced the launch of a new platform to modernize the review and promotion experience for faculty and administrators and fully capture and share faculty members’ achievements and impact. Through a partnership with Interfolio, creator of the Faculty Information System, Scripps Research faculty and administrators will now have access to a single, centralized platform built specifically to support academic career advancement and activity reporting.

“Supporting the career advancement of Scripps Research faculty is not only a commitment to their individual success, but also an investment in the contributions they make to life-saving medical research and the well-being and longevity of people all over the world,” said Dr. James Williamson, executive vice president of research and academic affairs at Scripps Research. “By growing our existing partnership with Interfolio, we have powerful new tools to support and engage faculty during every phase of their careers.”

The institute will use Interfolio to conduct each employee’s annual review, including more than 110 teaching and research faculty members at its southern California and Florida campuses. Promotion and review committee members can now review applicants’ materials within the Interfolio platform, allowing them to more efficiently and quickly read the necessary documents. Scripps Research administrators can collect data as these reviews are conducted, providing the institution’s board, leadership and funders with insight into the research activities and impact of its faculty. 

With Interfolio’s Faculty Activity Reporting module, Scripps further invests in faculty, creating a central hub of data that allows individual scholars to share their research stories and activities, while powering data insights and accreditation at the institution level. Use of the Interfolio Data Service will provide an efficient process for faculty to input and validate their publication data and also allow seamless addition of this data to their individual profiles.

Since 2015, Scripps has streamlined their faculty hiring with Interfolio’s Faculty Search module, which allows for a user-friendly applicant experience for incoming faculty and provides collaborative capabilities for hiring committees. 

Among the world’s top contributors to biomedical research, Scripps Research faculty have produced over 1,100 patents, created nine FDA-approved drugs that are benefitting millions of people around the world, and earned $267 million in federal and state grant funding. Using Interfolio, administrators can seamlessly collect faculty members’ research accomplishments and other relevant information during the review and promotion processes, streamlining the review process while maintaining the institute’s existing workflows.

“We are honored to be working with Scripps Research in supporting their faculty who truly have a global impact—from their daily contributions in research that ultimately lead to groundbreaking scientific innovations in health and medicine,” said Andrew Rosen, CEO of Interfolio. “Through this expanded engagement with Scripps Research, we are working hand-in-hand with one of the world’s most accomplished research institutions to unlock the full potential of faculty.”


Scripps Research is a leading nonprofit biomedical research institute whose faculty and graduate students have made major advances in basic science and significant contributions to the development of new medicines. Scripps Research has a top ten ranked graduate program (U.S. News & World Report) and is ranked #1 in the world for scientific innovation by the leading science journal Nature. The unique structure of Scripps Research merges foundational studies in biology, chemistry and computer science with translational science to produce the next generation of drugs and advances in digital and precision medicine. Scientists in the institute’s five academic research departments work hand-in-hand with researchers at Calibr, its drug discovery division. Scripps Research’ mission is to train the next generation of scientific leaders, expand the frontiers of human knowledge, and accelerate the development of new medicines to improve lives around the planet.


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