WHU – Otto Beisheim School partners with Interfolio to support strategic goals

VALLENDAR, GERMANY — December 1, 2020 — WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, ranked the best German business school by the Financial Times, today announced the adoption of new technology for their faculty hiring. Faculty Search, one of the modules of Interfolio’s Faculty Information System, will streamline manual, time-consuming processes.

This new software makes the recruitment process a more efficient and positive experience for both the job candidate and the selection committee. Additionally, for the committee members, Interfolio’s Faculty Search gives more visibility into all aspects of the search, and it enables better communication among the committee.

“Our School is growing rapidly, and recruitment of faculty has to keep pace. Our dated, time-consuming process was no longer sustainable. We needed a platform that could support our growth in a professional and efficient way,” stated Cindy Berdou, Project Manager, Dean’s Office at WHU. “Interfolio ensures we have timely, consistent, and equitable recruitment practices.”

WHU’s digitalization of recruitment will allow them to track how applicants heard about positions. Additionally, diversity data will be centralized in one platform, allowing for more frequent and accurate reporting. With the integrations offered, WHU can also connect their Faculty Search module to other systems of record.

“Interfolio’s platform enables top international business institutions like WHU to scale and grow—meeting their strategic goals—by removing inefficient, burdensome processes,” states Andrew Rosen, CEO of Interfolio. “We’re pleased to welcome WHU as one of our leading global partners.”



WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management is a leading German business school with an exceptional national and international reputation. WHU offers academic programs and continuing education for executives throughout their career. Founded in 1984 on the initiative of the Koblenz Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WHU has become a model for future-oriented research and teaching in business economics. WHU stands for ‘Excellence in Management Education’ and pursues this goal in its three core areas of activity: academic programs, research, and knowledge transfer in general management. WHU’s graduates, research, and profitable collaboration with business partners demonstrate the school’s success in achieving its mission.


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