WASHINGTON, D.C., October 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Interfolio, the pioneer in faculty-first higher education technology, has entered into a first-of-its-kind partnership with UCLA’s Opus to provide a critical component of committee workflow technology within the comprehensive Opus platform for faculty academic information.

Opus, UCLA’s internal faculty information system, is a rigorously researched homegrown system that supports data and processes around appointments, academic achievements, and salary information, among other sets of valuable faculty information. It has been in use successfully on the UCLA campus since 2014.

A critical requirement for the Opus product suite was the inclusion of workflow and committee tools with enough flexibility to map onto myriad complex use cases within the university. Interfolio’s ByCommittee platform, which accommodates the most complicated and sensitive use cases around review and tenure, was able to provide a missing piece of the Opus puzzle. Interfolio’s ByCommittee currently provides over 125 institutions with increased transparency, diversity, equity, and efficiency in academic decisions by and about faculty. Interfolio’s flexible integration architecture has allowed the Opus development team to maximize Interfolio’s faculty-first review and workflow support—integrating ByCommittee with their homegrown system—without undue burden on their development team. With the inclusion of Interfolio technology to support the workflow and collaboration of review committees, Opus will now be able to provide comprehensive support to UCLA faculty around workflows for appointments and academic review.

“We are excited for this collaboration,” said Meg Buzzi, Director of Opus at UCLA. “The Interfolio team are experts in this domain, and we are eager to amplify our current product and accelerate the campus timeline with these new features from ByCommittee.”

“Opus is the gold standard for forward-leaning, faculty-centric institutional technology,” said Andrew Rosen, CEO, Interfolio. “This partnership demonstrates that UCLA realizes strategic change at an institution only comes when you invest in faculty, and that leading higher education institutions generally are starting to recognize the importance of supporting mission-critical, shared governance work around the most important decisions on campus.”

About Interfolio

Interfolio is on a mission to create inspired user-centric products focused on the ecosystem of faculty work, decisions, and data in higher education. ByCommittee™ is the first administrative enterprise SaaS solution to facilitate academic decision support for faculty committees and provide an engine for intelligent decision making in higher education. Visit www.interfolio.com to learn more.

About UCLA’s Opus

Opus is the information system of record for all academic appointees at UCLA. Opus improves the efficiency and accuracy of academic review processes by replacing paper processes and siloed data with secure electronic profiles, convenient and automated review processes, and robust messaging and reporting features. Their focus on transparency, data fidelity, privacy, and data integration with campus and other sources make its strategy unique within higher education. Visit opus.ucla.edu to learn more.