WASHINGTON, D.C., August 16, 2017 — Interfolio, leading provider of faculty-focused higher education technology, has re-launched its market-leading Dossier product as a subscription model with enhanced capabilities to better serve applicants on the academic job market. This release signals a pivotal addition to the Interfolio faculty information suite by elevating the faculty-owned Dossier to be a central component of Interfolio’s wider product offering: a sophisticated workflow and data management platform focused on powering faculty hiring, review, promotion, tenure, and appointments, as well as faculty activity reporting and research management.

Dossier, Interfolio’s initial product offering, was launched in 1999 to help scholarly job applicants aggregate and deliver materials—including confidential letters—to academic opportunities. Over time, Dossier grew to be the largest provider of digital application support in the market, serving over 200,000 in the 2017 application season thus far. Interfolio currently serves 1.7 million higher education users across its entire faculty technology platform.

“We’ve based this product on years of thoughtful research and engagement with the academic community. We understand what those on the job market are up against—how many applications they send in a year, how they need on-demand phone and email support, how confidential letters are requested and used—and wanted to re-invent Dossier to better fit their needs,” says Erin Mayhood, Dossier’s Product Manager.

In July 2017, Interfolio re-invented Dossier as a free platform-for-life for scholars to aggregate, organize, and store their personal and confidential materials for their entire academic career. When they’re ready to go on the market, scholars can upgrade to Dossier Deliver, a premium service that provides up to 50 deliveries of academic materials to opportunities like faculty jobs, post-docs, and fellowships for only $48. The product continues to build upon essential scholarly job application needs, like requesting, storing, and sending confidential letters, but adds distinctly academic functionality, such as thematic collections to support various application types and the ability to leverage Dossier materials for institutional reviews, such as tenure and promotion.

“Dossier is the center of our holistic faculty information system; we believe that if you center on faculty and put their experience and needs first, the entire higher education ecosystem benefits,” says Interfolio CEO, Andrew Rosen. “Dossier allows faculty to own their information, tell their unique story, and drive how it’s shared, no matter where they are in their academic lifecycle. With this release, we continue to deliver on our promise of a faculty information system that engages faculty and institutions at every stage of their scholarly path, from first application through tenure. Or, as a Provost recently explained, ‘from hire to retire.’”

About Interfolio

Interfolio is on a mission to create inspired user-centric products focused on the ecosystem of faculty work, decisions, and data in higher education. With modules for faculty recruitment and hiring; review, promotion, and tenure; and faculty activity reporting and accreditation, Interfolio is the first administrative enterprise SaaS solution to provide a faculty-first engine for intelligent decision making in higher education. Visit www.interfolio.com to learn more.