WASHINGTON, D.C., May 26—University of California, San Diego (UCSD) has partnered with Interfolio, provider of faculty-first higher education technology, to establish a digital solution for faculty review, tenure, promotion, and activity reporting.

UCSD, a leading public research institution in the University of California system, chose Interfolio as a solution to its challenges around transparency and equity in shared governance processes for faculty review. Stakeholders involved in the decision found Interfolio’s focus on the faculty-user in processes like review, promotion, and tenure aligned with UCSD’s vision for how faculty should engage with and benefit from campus technology.

“Interfolio’s Promotion & Tenure and FACULTY180 modules provide a robust faculty-focused platform that will ease the academic personnel process with its forward-looking technology for university settings. This system will increase transparency, provide our academics with invaluable tools for activity sharing and analytics, and overall, it will ease the burden for faculty being reviewed, for reviewers making these important decisions, and for staff preparing academic review materials,” said Cindy Palmer, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel. “We are excited to embark on this partnership with a company that actively collaborates and gathers feedback with its partner institutions and faculty user groups to tackle the highly complex issues in higher education.”

A second consideration when partnering with Interfolio was the flexibility available in its workflow technology; homegrown and competitor systems did not accommodate the varied, nuanced, and complex processes around appointment, review, and tenure across departments and colleges at the university.

“UCSD is a model for forward-thinking, agile technology adoption,” said Andrew Rosen, CEO, Interfolio. “From our perspective, the opportunity to partner with an institution so rich in complexity, focused on effectiveness, and oriented to faculty value is exceptional.”

About Interfolio

Interfolio is on a mission to create inspired user-centric products focused on the ecosystem of faculty work, decisions, and data in higher education. With modules for faculty recruitment and hiring; review, promotion, and tenure; and faculty activity reporting and accreditation, Interfolio is the first administrative enterprise SaaS solution to provide a faculty-first engine for intelligent decision making in higher education.