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Planning for a successful rollout of new campus technology

Everything you need to know to be ready for the fall 2022 academic year. 

2022 is just around the corner. Are you feeling prepared and equipped to make your faculty employment processes easier, cost-effective, and more transparent this upcoming year?

Fortunately at Interfolio, we’re known for our remarkable Faculty Information System and thoughtful change management assistance—specifically for higher education.

With twenty years of experience supporting faculty and administrative staff, we know the challenges well: “We’ve tried new systems before. They failed.” “Faculty and staff are exhausted. I can’t put them through another roller coaster.” “The way we’re doing it isn’t that bad.”

Our team has seen firsthand how turning to digital systems for your faculty management processes can be both beneficial and transformative. More than 300 of your peers have adopted Interfolio, and throughout the process, we’ve gathered what works best.

In this informative session, we shared real stories from our institutional partners to provide insight on the ups (and downs) of implementing digital systems, and provide advice tailored to a campus of any size. Enjoy and share the recording below!

Watch our free webinar and Q&A with Interfolio’s Professional Services team to learn about:

  • Starting small with one faculty process, and moving outward when you’re ready.
  • Incentivizing stakeholders and getting buy-in at all stages—even from the faculty senate.
  • Moving from a paper process vs. evolving from an existing digital system.
  • Building your advocates for expansion.
  • Showing tangible impact on investment before you ever implement.

Webinar Guests

Daniel McGrath

Project Manager, Interfolio

Cynthia Riddle

Project Manager, Interfolio

Technology Guide: System Considerations for Digital Faculty Evaluations

Access our latest technology guide to educate yourself further on different considerations for your campus’s review, promotion, tenure platform. You’ll gain insight on:

  • What features to look for in a Faculty Information System.
  • Connecting faculty evaluation processes with a platform.
  • The services you should expect from a digital platform partner.

More and more higher education institutions worldwide are recognizing the massive benefits of conducting faculty professional evaluations online. Discover why in this guide.