Expanding Your Faculty Information System: Tackling One Process at a Time

Often, a college or university first adopts an Interfolio module to solve a specific faculty process pain—such as digitizing tenure, hiring efficiently, or passing accreditation. Yet higher education leaders increasingly recognize the multifaceted Faculty Information System as an essential technology across the scholar lifecycle. In this panel, hear how the University of North Texas Health Science Center; the University of Michigan, Dearborn; and Tulane University have seen accumulating benefits from adopting multiple Interfolio modules over time.


Peg Demers

Chief of Staff and Executive Director, Academic Planning and Operations

University of North Texas Health Science Center

Dr. Mitch Sollenberger

Associate Provost and Professor of Political Science

University of Michigan, Dearborn

Kady Weingart

Assistant Provost for Finance and Operations and Chief of Staff

Tulane University

Carol Gersten

Chief Client Officer