Interfolio Faculty Survey

On-Demand Webinar: Rebuilding Higher Education in 2022: Insights from the Interfolio Faculty Survey

Interfolio partnered with Hanover Research to survey the top concerns of faculty nationwide. Leading faculty affairs professionals joined Interfolio CEO Andrew Rosen to talk about the trends and insights, including: 

  • How have faculty workloads changed in the last three years and where faculty would like to invest more time?
  • What are the perceived barriers to advancement and faculty’s confidence in their institutions’ process? 
  • What role does student success play in faculty career growth?
  • What are faculty perceptions about their institutions’ delivery on their diversity, equity, and inclusion promises?

As you and your teams continue to look ahead to the year, you need a new strategic vision for your institution. The pandemic and a sweeping social push for equity have redefined modern requirements and expectations for excellence. You are setting a new path and rebuilding the future of the university—of which faculty are at the center. 

Universities and colleagues looking to drive faculty impact for institutional success in 2022 will want you to have insights from this important conversation.

Our Panelists

Andrew Rosen

Laura Robbins
Associate Dean, Office of Faculty Information

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Charlton Mcllwain
Vice Provost for Faculty Engagement and Development,

New York University

Rob Nelson
Executive Director for Academic Technology & Planning,

University of Pennsylvania

eBook: Why Now? Faculty Affairs Leaders on Digital Transformation

Additionally, download the free eBook to understand:

  • Why academic leaders nationwide are now switching to faculty-first digital solutions.
  • What to consider when looking for the right Faculty Information System.
  • Key factors influencing digital transformation in the higher education space.