On-Demand Webinar: Managing Faculty Promotion and Tenure Online at Smaller Colleges and Universities

How are you currently managing the essential faculty advancement and workflow processes for promotion and tenure? Many institutions are relying on paper-based systems or a stopgap digital solution with SharePoint, Google Drive, or Box.

If this sounds familiar, watch our on-demand webinar to hear why you need to consider making a change now so that your institution can achieve its strategic goals and faculty excellence.

In this webinar recording we discuss the following:

  1. Faculty are at the core of every initiative in higher education: They generate all the revenue, they are the largest component of cost in the form of academic payroll, they are ultimately responsible for student success, moving diversity and inclusion strategies forward, growing reputation and brand, but most notably influencing rank, and governance
  2. How Interfolio solves for your unique challenges with its 20 years of expertise working in higher education 
  3. How Interfolio alleviates the administrative burden required to conduct faculty evaluation cases properly and equitably
  4. What kinds of new information and transparency around faculty career development universities have gained by using Interfolio
  5. Why an effective faculty evaluations technology has become a new requirement for modern universities of all sizes

Why should you choose Interfolio as a partner?

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how Interfolio has helped administrators, deans, and faculty evaluation committees save time and collaborate efficiently at many of your peer institutions, some of which are listed below. We’ll also explore why they chose Interfolio’s Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) module over other solutions or homegrown systems.

Today over 400 higher education institutions, research funders, and academic organizations based in 15 countries—and over 700,000 active scholars on the job market—use Interfolio’s technology. We understand the big initiatives and can partner with your institutions and teams of all sizes.

Interfolio clients with at least Review, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) on campus include:

Kentucky State UniversityMeharry Medical College
Winthrop UniversityElizabeth City State University
Swarthmore CollegeGallaudet University
Haverford CollegeJacksonville University (Florida)
California Institute of the ArtsColby College

“Institutions are presented with a lot of options for software. We did not find any other tool that is so faculty focused, and that has tools so well designed for an academic division, like Interfolio. It’s worked out better than we could have imagined to have a product designed with our needs in mind.”

Erin Walsh, Ph.D., Assistant Provost for Administration, Bryn Mawr College