London Business School

On-Demand Webinar: How London Business School Improved Faculty Hiring & Recruitment

Struggling with a complex paper and email-based workflow around hiring, London Business School faced challenges in managing faculty recruitment and on-boarding.

Sian Smith, Assistant Director, Faculty HR at London Business School, discussed:

  • How does London Business School benefit from a full lifecycle approach to faculty engagement?
  • How does London Business School optimize faculty hiring remotely?
  • Why did London Business School decide to expand to the full Faculty Information System?

Read a blog post by Sian Smith about their move to an international recruitment and hiring system.

Optimizing Shared Governance in a Remote Environment

How can institutions ensure a faculty recruitment process that is not only fair and equitable, but also attracts diverse, talented candidates?

This white paper outlines the five main steps to follow when hiring a new faculty member for your college or university.