Webinar - New Faculty Technology

Planning for new faculty technology: Change management & Best practices

Everything you need to know to be ready for the fall 2021 academic year
(Spoiler alert: it’s not too soon) 

2021 is almost here, and before we realize it, we will be welcoming the fall academic year (and the related set of appointments and reviews). How might this year be different for you and your faculty? Is adopting new faculty technology on your list for the year ahead? 

With our twenty years of experience supporting faculty, we know the challenges well: “We’ve tried new systems before. They failed.” “Faculty—and staff—are exhausted. I can’t put them through another roller coaster.” “The way we’re doing it isn’t that bad.”

We get it. 2020 has been full of challenges. And, we’ve seen how streamlining and digitizing faculty management can be smooth and beneficial. Many of your peers have done it, and throughout the process, we’ve learned what works best.

This free webinar, geared towards institutions who are looking to adopt and implement new faculty technology, shares best practices for this transition and how to best roll out this change on campus for maximum faculty adoption. 

We share stories from peers on what worked well (and didn’t). Additionally, we discuss what implementation of a modular system for various review workflows and managing faculty journeys would look like so you can plan ahead.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How (and when) to involve your colleagues and leadership for a successful change to an online faculty management system
  • How peers have implemented faculty technology
  • What a common approximate timeline is for an institution to roll out new technology for fall processes 
  • What digital systems for review, promotion, and tenure and lifecycle management could look like on your campus

Webinar Guests

Josh Gianitsis

Project Manager, Interfolio

Tommy O’Boyle

Account Executive, Interfolio

Change Management - University Faculty Technology - Interfolio

White Paper

Managing Change When Implementing Faculty Technology

Download the White Paper to learn about:

  • How faculty-focused leaders achieve meaningful change
  • Ways to engage individuals on personal, emotional, and cultural levels, in order to adopt new tools
  • How to best manage the timeline and pacing of a new change