Product Development

A Focus on Continuous Improvement

Interfolio is committed to product innovation, continuously improving our core products, and expanding our reach and relationships with the academic technology community.

Active Roadmap

As a company, we are committed to helping our clients solve the right problems. Our product roadmap is an active guide for our work, reflecting valuable feedback from our clients.

Client Input

Interfolio recognizes the importance of listening to the higher education market and our experienced, insightful clients. We invite feedback at all times, including through our Client Committees, quarterly roadmap events, and account management—all which makes a meaningful impact on our product development.

Trust and Transparency

Radical transparency is a core value for Interfolio. To this end, we prioritize product update emails, client newsletters, quarterly product updates and webinars, in-product tours, and the Client Community. 

We strive to create an informative and open climate in which clients understand:

  • What investments in the platform we have planned, and what their specific components are
  • Where their product input, feature requests, and support inquiries fall into the development schedule
  • The current expected time frame for each major body of work
  • How the current roadmap has evolved since the last update
  • Why the product is going in the direction that it is

Curious About Our Product Roadmap?

Get in touch to learn more about the direction we’re taking the Interfolio Faculty Information System, the researchfish impact assessment platform, and the Dossier service for individual scholars.

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