Dossier Institution

Lifetime Academic Development

When your college or university adopts Interfolio’s enterprise faculty technology suite, every scholar at your institution gains a private and portable account with Interfolio’s Dossier Institution—an online space that belongs to them, where they can collect and curate their academic materials, get private feedback from mentors and peers, be prepared for upcoming reviews, and submit their academic packets online.

  • Private and Portable: Each faculty member’s Dossier belongs to them, and they can use it to organize all of their academic materials.
  • Candidate Review Preparation: View institutional guidelines and requirements for review.
  • Mentoring and Feedback: Share materials with others at your institution and get private, line-by-line comments from them.
  • Seamless Entry into Review: Online organization and submission of digital packets for evaluation.
  • Mitigate Risk: Reduce the risks inherent in tenure denials by ensuring processes and requirements are clear and strictly adhered to by all reviewers and candidates.

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