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An icon representing the Interfolio Faculty Search process

Interfolio Faculty Search covers the whole academic recruitment process—including the job board and applications, confidential letters, fair committee review, diversity data, and the rest.

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Enable Committees to Make Efficient, Fair Decisions

Give your search committees tools that let them spend their time on reviewing applicants, rather than on accessing materials or letters, confirming search status, and keeping track of notes. Free up professional services staff to spend time assisting academics in the ways that are most valuable.

enable committees to make fair decisions

academic diversity and inclusion

Deliver on Academic Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Inform every academic hire with data on real-time, self-reported, anonymous demographic survey responses from 100% of applicants. Establish custom, explicit criteria for evaluating applicants. Empower authorized administrators to intervene in insufficiently diverse searches.

Recruit New Colleagues Strategically and Effectively

Slice and compare a wide variety of data points about applications received—and positions offered—to understand patterns of attraction toward your institution (or lack thereof) among the academic job market. Understand where applicants are finding your job listings. Build a backlog of competitive candidates for future searches.

academic recruiting

academic hiring

Make Academic Hiring Equitable, Responsible, Consistent

Establish a source of truth and enforce standards for how academic hiring should take place across your institution. Ensure recruitment activity runs through the proper pre-hire and post-hire approval workflows. Give senior academic officers visibility into the facts around hiring researchers and instructors.

“With Interfolio, law schools and prospective law faculty will have access to a platform that is specifically designed for academics and their needs.”

Judy Areen, Executive Director, Association of American Law Schools

“We have always recognized that faculty are our #1 asset. Interfolio will help us continue to put faculty first and retain our essential junior faculty.”

Chun Chang, Executive Dean, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

“Interfolio will provide a consistent approach to hiring faculty, which will then influence the development of new processes for the entire school.”

Denis Konanchuk, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO


The entry point of your academic employees into their journeys at your institution, Interfolio Faculty Search is built expressly for the committee model, shared governance, and the large amount of information required by academic job applications. 

Job Board

Publish a publicly accessible landing page for each position and list them all on a clean, searchable, auto-generated job board.

Easy Applicant Experience

Applicants use a free (and likely familiar) Interfolio Dossier experience to apply, and can see requirements and status clearly.

Confidential Letters

Whether the committee or applicant sends the digital letter request, letters are kept confidential from the applicant and automatically routed into their application.

Diversity Data

Build self-reported, secure demographic data questionnaires into applications to yield a 100% response rate.

Simple Application Review

Let hiring committees review any number of full job applications from anywhere, in a mobile-friendly online environment.


Generate, save, and share reports on nearly any combination of data about applicants, positions, and form responses.

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