An icon representing the Researchfish process


An icon representing the Researchfish process

Funders, universities, and research centers worldwide use Interfolio’s Researchfish to track, study, and communicate the total impact of their research.

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For Higher Education Institutions

Researchfish by Interfolio raises the integrity and credibility of the university’s public narrative about its own work and role. The researcher-centric platform gives universities an efficient method to study and communicate the overall global impact of contributions to all fields by scholars at the institution. 

higher education institutions

for funders

For Funders

Researchfish by Interfolio enables funders to create powerful impact stories to make strategic funding decisions and advocate for research activity. As a funding entity, you gain a concrete method to collect, benchmark, and analyze research impact data—both directly from researchers, and via harvesting from thousands of external databases.

For Research Organizations

Researchfish by Interfolio gives your research organization, center, or institute a compelling source from which to build a factual narrative of your work and pursue your strengths. The platform’s data quality and comparative analytics empower you to join the global conversation about mission-driven research in any field. 

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Researchfish by Interfolio brings different benefits to different entities involved in the global research ecosystem. 

Empirically Show the Value of Funded Research

  • Funders, higher education institutions, and research organizations use Researchfish by Interfolio to collect and compare data about research activity.
  • Capture not only the financial and team details of research, but also all demonstrable outcomes and benefits of that activity.
  • Tell a compelling story about researchers’ discoveries.

Capture a Total Picture of Impact in All Forms

  • With Researchfish by Interfolio, you can report impact beyond publications—such as policy changes, medicines, new methods, creative productions, commercial and nonprofit “spin-outs,” and others.
  • Show not just the direct outputs of scholars’ activity, but also the indirect outcomes, such as when research leads to more funding.

Draw Upon a Massive Pool of Research Impact Data

  • Researchfish by Interfolio taps into many thousands of sources reflecting all disciplines, including STEM, arts, humanities, social sciences, and everything else.
  • Take advantage of data collected, validated, and cleaned in many contexts to achieve high data accuracy and a layered understanding of research impact.

Participate in the Global Conversation About Funded Research

  • Use the built-in question set to track standard types of outcomes from research
  • Enable comparison with other organizations involved in the same research as you
  • Draw upon concrete evidence for case studies, conference presentations, “research on research,” and more

Can you measure and evaluate the societal impact of your research?

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