An icon representing the Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure process

Review, Promotion & Tenure

An icon representing the Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure process

Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure is a flexible, committee-friendly engine for conducting academic professional reviews online—in a shared governance context.

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Enable Colleagues to Reach Decisions Effectively Online

Equip individual reviewers and committees to focus on the substance of reviews with easy tools for collecting, viewing, annotating, labeling, and routing candidate materials. Pick and choose from features like required forms, recusal, rebuttal, standing and ad hoc committees, or multimedia to mirror your exact process.

Promotion and Tenure

Tenure and review

Give Academics Under Review A Positive Experience

Make your professional academic reviews into a clear, familiar, affirmative routine. Draw upon data from Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) and candidates’ past reviews to make packet assembly easy. Provide every academic with a lifelong, private, portable Interfolio Dossier to curate materials and accomplishments.

Create Consistency and Establish Standard Workflows

Build workflow templates to govern every type of academic review case that happens at your institution. Automatically document that the mandated process was followed in all cases. Facilitate consistency across all reviews while preserving appropriate differences between disciplines, ranks, and employment models.

academic review

academic review transparency

Give Academic Offices Mutual Transparency Into Reviews

Bring all current and past faculty review cases into a single view. Establish a shared source of truth about the current stage of each review, who is on the committee, and what the next step is. Identify disparities in review practices and better understand the impact on your administrative workloads.

“All involved praised the online process enthusiastically…Indeed, many comments took the form “Why weren’t we doing this before?”

Timothy Austin, PhD, Professor and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Duquesne University

“…With Interfolio, we now have the infrastructure to run efficient review, promotion, and tenure processes, where faculty accomplishments can be put on display.”

Austin Cooper, Faculty Relations Manager, Western Washington University


Among technologies used for workflow in higher education, Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure is uncharacteristically friendly to academics. Rich in shared governance nuances, Interfolio permits you to exactly replicate your review practices online—or maybe even improve on them.

Packet Import

Auto-populate cases with CVs and supporting materials from Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) and from past reviews.

Workflow Templates

Ensure that every time each possible type of review takes place at your institution, it moves through the correct required steps.

Reviewer Tools

Access and mark up case materials, complete paperwork, and fulfill committee service online.

Candidate Dossier

Give every academic a private, portable space to curate evidence of their academic accomplishments throughout their career.

Chair Tools

Communicate with reviewers, attach required files or forms, take committee votes, honor candidate rebuttal periods, and send cases onward with a click.

External Evaluations

Request and receive confidential peer input about candidates in a way that reflects positively upon your institution’s reputation.

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