A very common request we have received from Administrative users in ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure is for some way to capture more data about candidates up for promotion or tenure, and associate that data with those candidates’ specific cases. This might mean diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity data, for example, or any other information that the institution has collected through some means that’s external to the promotion process.

Assembling the right dossier packet for these processes can be difficult enough—why should generating additional data about a candidate add to your workload? That’s why we are so excited to reveal a new feature in ByCommittee Promotion and Tenure module called case data forms, a powerful form tool that captures even more comprehensive, customizable and reportable data than ever before!

Case data forms can be used to include additional information about candidates at your institution beyond the data actually collected via the promotion process. Forms can be created at any unit in your institution and will be available for use by Administrators at all units below it in your institutional hierarchy. Administrators can attach forms to cases or templates. Case data forms are way to capture candidate information or case-specific data directly from the administrators instead of from the candidate.


There are a ton of ways to use Case Data Forms. Think of it as an opportunity to add external information to the case, like candidate EEO data, that you may want to include in reporting later. You might wish to analyze diversity, demographic, career mobility, or committee service patterns among candidates up for promotion or tenure, across years and academic units. We want to help you get the most out of this powerful tool!

We do have a help article that explains a bit more, which will show you how to create your first form. In addition, feel free to contact our Client Success team at clientsuccess@interfolio.com if you’d like to set up a conference call to discuss how to get the most out of case data forms. Also, feel free to invite at your institution who you think would benefit from learning about the new reporting capabilities to sit in on the call.

With that, welcome to 2016 from the Interfolio team!