Interfolio Commitment to DEI

Interfolio is actively committed to cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive company. We have a number of active initiatives that I want to highlight as we reflect on our progress before this Juneteenth National Independence Day, which Interfolio honors as a holiday.

Insight Partners ScaleUp CEO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Pledge

We signed a pledge, alongside fellow Insight Partners portfolio companies, to firmly commit to building a fair and inclusive company in which we recruit and retain a diverse workforce and leaders. We will work alongside other portfolio companies as we collectively implement diversity reporting, recruiting, and retention programs. In addition, we will track our progress across all the portfolio companies to ensure we are collectively making a difference. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff Training

Our entire staff will participate in a workshop series this summer, designed to increase inclusion, combat and create awareness of unconscious and implicit bias, provide education on workplace diversity and equity, improve communication, foster an environment of allyship and belonging, and influence positive changes in workplace culture. 

Faculty Information Systems and DEI

This work, at the company level, complements how our Faculty Information System supports diversity and equity. We know that creating and supporting an inclusive and diverse faculty environment is essential in higher education, especially when trying to support a diverse student body. Additionally, we enable institutions to support equitable academic hiring and promotion practices with transparency and standardization around committee work on campus. 

I recognize, along with leaders in this organization, that these actions are just the beginning. There is essential, additional work to be done on the individual, company, and technology community levels. We are committed to driving this work forward.