Traditionally, tenure and promotion processes have been laborious tasks for administrators, faculty members, and staff. Tenure and shared governance have seen little in the way of technical advancement, which means the process is dominated by reams of paper and huge binders. Large universities in particular feel the pressure and practical burden of tenure and promotion for hundreds of candidates in any given year.

Learn how to simplify the tenure process with Interfolio’s ByCommittee software as a service, the best way to streamline the tenure process online. It lets you ditch the binder and manage the entire academic promotion and tenure process—from submission to final decisions—with customizable software tools.

How Interfolio’s ByCommittee works

ByCommittee is designed to foster a collaborative effort between all faculty and administrative participants, transforming the tenure and promotion process.

Candidates for review, promotion, or tenure access the system and receive clear instructions on their case from the institution. From there, they can build a digital packet of their materials that is complete and professional-looking, and keep track of where they are in the tenure or promotion process (along with what information is outstanding and what they need to do next).

Faculty can use system tools to make notes, review their peers, and send messages as part of the tenure and promotion processes. ByCommittee includes features that accommodate academic requirements like committee voting, user recusal, and external evaluation requests.

Staff save time organizing and compiling cumbersome and document-heavy review packets with an efficient, digital system. They can also customize the process depending on the requirements of the institution and the type of review.

Administrators can use ByCommittee to plan, participate in, or simply monitor the outcome of reviews over time, including information on the diversity of faculty who receive tenure decisions. They can also ensure that requirements and pathways for each kind of review are standardized to ensure fairness and neutrality.

Once a promotion or tenure packet is complete, each member of the faculty committee can receive a comprehensive digital copy. The process is clean, simple, fast, and green—no reams of paper wasted.

Benefits of simplifying the process

Switching to the SaaS promotion and tenure process is simple; institutions who have implemented ByCommittee have found that it’s the best way to streamline the tenure process online, saving time by creating administrative efficiency for every user. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and create your own system, because ByCommittee is fully customizable. More importantly, ByCommittee guards the integrity of your institution’s promotion and tenure process by keeping it fair, neutral, and organized and offering improved transparency at all review levels. Minimizing lost documents, duplicated efforts, and wasted time also means a significant cost savings, as does a major reduction in printing, paper, and administrative costs.

The bottom line

Institutions around the country are looking for new ways to transform the tenure and promotion process. Interfolio’s ByCommittee allows you to simplify your tenure and promotion process using SaaS. Request a demo at any time to see how to simplify the tenure process today.