Join us online this Thursday, January 28, for a conversation with Sarah B. Steinberg, Ed.D., founder of Frogstone Strategies and former Executive Vice Provost at Johns Hopkins University, about why academic institutions should not let their faculty’s hefty committee responsibilities go unsupported and unstudied. UPDATE: Watch the recording online 

WHEN: Thursday, January 28 / 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern Time

We think this webinar is probably going to be most interesting to the following people across higher education:

  • Chief academic officers
  • Chief business and financial officers
  • Members of faculty senates
  • Anyone with an interest in reducing “administrivia” around faculty service

Here’s the case Sarah’s going to make:

Faculty members are the greatest investment an institution makes in its success. Beyond their most visible (and rightly praised) day-to-day work—teaching and research—faculty members are supposed to hold many critical institutional decisions in their hands, including hiring, tenure, and curriculum.

Nevertheless, most colleges and universities show a disproportionate investment in technology for student success (which no one’s knocking, in itself!), and seem to treat faculty administrative contributions as though they have no similar need for well-designed tools. By failing to provide adequate means for enhancing workflow and data access, institutions inadvertently impede their faculty’s productivity, which carries costs in time, money, and research outcomes. Technological solutions exist for nearly every other segment of higher education, from student success and retention to alumni giving: so why not for faculty?

The webinar will cover:

  • recent hiring trends and the resulting impact on faculty work
  • the true cost of faculty service on financial, research, and recruitment outcomes
  • the role of technology in supporting faculty work, and in making service to the institution more effective and efficient

More about Sarah:

As the founder and principal consultant of Frogstone Strategies, a firm that provides resource and strategic assessments, market research, and consulting services to colleges and universities, Dr. Sarah B. Steinberg brings more than 30 years of executive leadership experience in higher education to her role. With expertise gained as the former Executive Vice Provost as well as the Senior Associate Dean of the Advanced Academic Programs at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Steinberg specializes in revenue enhancement through online, continuing, and professional education; strategic planning and assessment; market analysis and research; academic leadership and administration; technology usage and application; and business/education consulting.

Interested? Watch the recording online anytime.